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Spring Gala 2019 Information

MotionArts Spring Gala 2019 Required Information         

When: Saturday, May 11th at 6:30pm, Dancers arrive no later than 6:00pm to enter theater to be organized by class in the student section. Doors open to audience/family at 6:00pm. Dress/Tech Rehearsal is Saturday morning May 11th as well, times vary by class- see below.

Where: Buskirk-Chumley Theater. Tickets are ONLY for sale through the BCT box office in person or at their website Tickets are $10.00, ages 5 and under are free but need to purchase a “free” ticket if they need their own seat. Your dancer does NOT need a ticket!

Student Section: your dancer will be seated in our student section organized by class on the right side of the auditorium. Our tiniest dancers are welcome to sit with family after they perform or after intermission but must be checked out by the staff member in charge of their group. All other students must remain in their seats until intermission or for the duration of the show.

Dressing rooms and Costume Changes: If your dancer requires a costume change, they will be allowed to use the downstairs dressing rooms. There will be helpers in the dressing rooms to assist older dancers if needed, younger dancers will require the help of a family member. Please feel free to locate the downstairs dressing room in advance at the dress rehearsal- we will be happy to show you! (See back of page for costume info).

Video/Pictures: The show will be professionally recorded. DVDs will be for sale through our website a few weeks after the show for $10.00 each, to be picked up at the studio. Audience members may video with a small device from their seats only, as long as they are not blocking the view of others or our videographer. Please no flash photography.

Dress/Tech Rehearsal: takes place Saturday May 11th at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater.  Each class is allotted a strict time slot on stage. Students should arrive 10 minutes prior to their scheduled time and are free to leave at the end of their slot. Students should wear their costumes. Parents are welcome to wait with their dancer in the auditorium during dress rehearsal. Students must remain seated and wait quietly during rehearsal until their class is called up.

Dress Rehearsal time slots are as  follows:                                                                                     

Teeny Tiny Tappers: 9:30-9:40am
PreBallet Wednesday: 9:40-9:50am
Tiny Tappers: 9:50-10:00am 
Ballet 1-5 Degas: 10:00-10:30am 
PreBallet Tues/Sat: 10:30-10:50am 
Jazz 2: 10:50-11:00am 
MAD Co. Claire: 11:00-11:10am 
mini-MAD Bikini: 11:10-11:20am

Break 11:20-11:40

Pointe: 11:40-11:50am
Lyrical 1/2: 11:50-12:00pm
Taylor & Ana private tap: 12:00-12:10pm
Contemporary 3: 12:10-12:20pm
Jazz 1: 12: 12:20-12:30pm
Lyrical 4: 12:30-12:40pm
Lyrical 3: 12:40-12:50pm
Contemporary 1: 12:50-1:00pm
MAD Co. Kristin: 1:00-1:10pm
Contemporary 2: 1:10-1:20pm
Adult Ballet 2: 1:20-1:30pm
MAD Co. Joy: 1:30-1:40pm
mini-MAD Kristin: 1:40-1:50pm

MAD Co. and mini MAD Call: 5:00pm company warm up

A $15.00 performance fee per dancer helps cover the rental cost of costumes and the theater rental. This fee can be paid at our website via the link on the main page, or at the studio.

Costume Loan: MotionArts owns all costumes and accessories. We do this to help keep the cost low for all dancers and to be responsible consumers! Costumes will be distributed the last week of classes, some pieces may be distributed at the theater (like large tutus or props). Dancers will need to wear their own leotard, tights, and shoes (listed by class below). Costumes must be returned at the end of the show to return bins located near the exits of the theater.

Costume Requirements by Class:

Tues/Wed/Sat PreBallet: Girls: hair in bun, pink tank or camisole strap leotard that does not show under costume (if desired) and pink ballet slippers. Tues/Sat: Pink footed tights Wed: Black footed tights. Costume from MotionArts. Boys: Black ballet slippers, Costume from MotionArts.

Ballet 1-5: Black camisole leotard, pink footed tights, pink shoes, hair in bun. Costume from MotionArts. Your tutu will be either sent home or available at the theater.

Teeny and Tiny Tappers: tank or camisole strap leotard any color that does not show under costume, pink tights, tap shoes, hair dancer’s choice. Costume from MotionArts.

Jazz 1: Any color leotard that does not show under costume, black jazz shoes, hair pulled back. Costume from MotionArts.                                                                                     

Jazz 2: Any black tank or camisole leotard, black jazz shoes, hair pulled back in ponytail or bun. Costume from MotionArts.

Lyrical 1/2, 3 and 4: Girls: Nude or pink camisole leotard, pink convertible tights, ballet slippers, hair pulled back. Dress from MotionArts. Boys: Black pants, slippers, shirt from MotionArts.

Contemporary 1: leotard that is not visible under costume, black footless tights, bare feet, hair pulled back. Costume from MotionArts.

Contemporary 2: Nude Camisole leotard, pink footless tights, biker shorts, bare feet, hair pulled back. Costume from MotionArts.

Contemporary 3, Adult Ballet 2 please consult with your instructors.

****If you have any questions, please feel free email or call 812-961-0501. We are excited to share this experience with you and your dancer!