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Covid-19 Studio Protocols

MotionArts has implemented the following Covid response protocols. Protocols are subject to change! Our current Spring 2022 protocols are as follows:

1. We ask that you do not bring your dancer to class if they are not feeling well, have an elevated temperature or cough. If your dancer needs to miss class, we are happy to help you find an alternative class for your dancer to take as a make up for their missed class. 

2. Our waiting area will be closed to non-dancers! Parents will need to wait in their vehicle or drop off their child for class and return at pick up. 

3. Drop off and Pick up: we ask that you park and walk your dancer to the front door. We will have a staff member available at the front desk/lobby area to check your dancer in. Please make sure you have current cellphone numbers on your registration so we can call you if needed. Parents may enter the studio briefly only if warranted by staff. Parents should pick up their dancer outside at the front door under staff supervision. Dancers 11 and older may walk to their parents vehicle once they have let staff know. 

4. Starting March 4th, masks will become optional at MotionArts. Each family is encouraged to make their own decision for their dancer. If your dancer arrives wearing a mask, we will understand your choice and make sure they continue to wear it appropriately while in the building. If your dancer arrives without a mask, we will understand your choice as well. All of our students will be supported and zero bullying or questioning will be tolerated. Each family has their own health concerns and risks to consider and we will support that. 

5. Luckily our building has lots of windows! We are keeping all windows and doors open (weather permitting at 60* or warmer and less then 85* with tolerable humidity) with multiple fans running to circulate fresh air. 

6. Each dancer will have a designated spot in the waiting room to keep their bag, shoes, and coat so they are separated from other dancers' belongings. Dancers should remain in that spot until called to class.

7. We are keeping class sizes between 6-16 dancers in order to keep dancers spread out depending on the studio used. 

8. Cleaning:  Barres, any equipment used, and bathrooms will be wiped down with disinfectant daily. Any supplies used by dancers (for camps or class) for will be assigned to that dancer or staff member for that individual's use only. All common areas, handles, door knobs, railings, front desk equipment etc. will be cleaned with disinfectant daily and as needed.